Tectonic changes in technologies, Evolution in hardware/computing devices, the need to infer knowledge and intelligence from collected data, remaining connected on the critical business tools, the environment/nature – all these are factors that inform our decisions and choices while planning our systems and product infrastructure.

Most Application Software has had to be written to run on one particular platform or other, because each platform provides its own application programming interface for different system services.


Our software development life-cycle takes advantage of the Java technology platform, because of its agility – the “code once, run everywhere” strategy.

Our Software products and frameworks are built on Java technology as the underlying Integrated Development Environment – so we run smoothly across devices – PCs, Mobiles, iPads, TVs, Cars, etc.


Software modules for Government-to-Government, Government-to-Business, Government-to-Citizen can now be developed and delivered via the Nextel Government Framework. This Software Framework is engineered around open technologies;

  • Graphical User Interface Design
    • Java
    • JSP

The Desktop Database

Our Software Engineering department is fully engaged in Desktop Applications Design, using the below;

  • Java
  • SQL



Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)

We built database-driven, enterprise class software systems. Our applications can support one or all of the following Relational DBMS;

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle