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Nextel Systems® Ltd - Organisational Structure, Personnel 2020-2025
Nextel Systems® Ltd - Organisational Structure, Personnel 2020-2025

Cloud Services DivisionDeveloping for the Web

The Cloud Services Division of Nextel Systems® Ltd is created to to provide turn key cloud services – websites, domains, hosting, Web Security (SSL Certificates) and Hosted Applications, all built and supported on a secure and reliable Hosting/Cloud Infrastructure.

The premium services of the Cloud Services division are the design, hosting and support of high-performance websites and web-based applications.

A team of experienced web programmers and developers is maintained in this division to help companies achieve their ultimate modern website.

In this we tailor our offering in the ENTERPRISE Site Package, PRIVATE Site package & E-COMMERCE Site package – all of which are complete website products with varying levels of functionality.

The Cloud Services division also obtained the status of Accredited Domain Name Registrar for ICANN’s generic top-level domains (gTLDs) like .com, .org, .net, etc, as well as a Registrar for Ugandan Country Code domain names like .ug,,, and all Ugandan domain names

This means that the company is in the business of handling the reservation of domain names as well as assignment IP addresses to those domain names for clients to able to use them

Software Engineering DivisionDeveloping Enterprise Software Applications & Products

The Software Engineering division of N is created  with the sole aim of designing software application for the desktop, client-server, web  and mobile architectures. Native mobile applications running on Android and iOS  platforms

We build on the Java programming language and Java IDEs as the tools of choice build software systems from scratch. MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle are the supported Database Management Systems (DBMSs) on which we build data stores and relational transactions

The SE division conceptualizes ideas, produces software documentation, software testing, package assembling, deployment and support of our solutions

Division of NetworksA smarter network for communications

In this department we offer IP (Internet Protocol) products, gadgets and a technical networking service, in the security field, and in the communications field. That is to say, IP Security Camera networks and Voice over IP phone systems and networking. You can browser our shop for gadgets and order online, our team will contact and discuss installation and site inspection.

Working in these fields, we try and answer the questions on how modern enterprise works. We strive to achieve enterprise efficiency; our work process following a procedural approach. Where is the enterprise’s data? How does enterprise use and information systems? Is there integration between and among systems? Is the enterprise in position to interpret the meaning of the data generated by its applications? Depending on what level of systematization, if there is a problem then we can help. If there is isn’t, we get concerned with whether the enterprise I.T infrastructure is future-proof.

We build the software to solve these problems. Our team has built, continues to develop and support an enterprise system and architecture that integrates enterprise data across Desktop, Local Area Network (Client-Server), Web, Mobile Web & Native Mobile (Android, iOS) application environments

Business Development GroupOur Business Process

Our Business Development Division also known as the Business Development Group – is where the management science of the company is crafted. It is tasked with assessing and creating business processes followed in the execution of business task,  and thus creating efficiency in management

Efficient workflows add to the value for the company by closing the gaps of resource wastage, ensure customer satisfaction, and creating lasting relationships.

At the top of Business Development is the Head, Business Development, who manages a team of account executives, technology marketers, content creators, and accounting assistants and business interns to assist in the execution of scientific management roles and services to clients

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