Our Company History

Here is abit of perspective into how the company that later came to be known as Nextel Systems Ltd, really got founded.  It did not happen in one single act or event, but happened in small decisions over a long time, hence its a storied history. We have been pioneers in the industry for many years and are known for taking innovative steps. We are very proud of our achievements and all the people who led us here.

  • 1984

    Date of Birth

    In the words of Steve Jobs, you can only connect the dots looking backwards. And so, looking back now, and the reason I include this part in Company History, is that; had i not been born, at the time I was, by the parents I was born to, and in a time I did, it had a great impact in setting me up for a big leap

  • 1999

    High School

    In Secondary School (1999 to 2004) is where I really and truly decided that I'd lead life on my own terms. I arrived at this internal decision, after realizing that following the time and activities set by the school, was not necessarily important for me, and that study and contents of knowledge could only come to me if I decide the pace (time) of learning and activities (subjects) of my own choosing. So I was running a curriculum invisible to the school, while following through the school motions. The curriculum was that I read books in the library that weren't even on the curriculum, more than those that were. I was a reasonable IQ so I passed through the school with second class grades. I would spend time in the Library looking for books in the back of shelves, and I often found them, covered in dust, looking like a century old, typed in fonts much close to handwriting. I wasn't reading reading them to pass exams, that was the least of my concerns. I wanted to see if they interest me, and to see if I understand what the writer was talking about. It was a very interesting curriculum. In short, my biological wanted to take the lead of my learning, and essentially living

  • 2005


    When I was at Makerere University, between 2005 and 2009, the same thing happened except now I had much more freedom, to read books that we'rent on curriculum, except this more more focused on a subject I had found interesting - Computing. Plus I had lecturers who now spoke of topics in much broader context. I wrote most when they spoke, and less from the handout notes they gave after words. I read books Reading The Road Ahead, Business @the Speed of Thought, Java Software Solutions (Lewis & Loftus), and spent numerous nights of my campus life in the Faculty's Computer Lab. Now I can see that these were the origins of a future company. At Makerere University, while hopping between the faculty of Computing, Nkrumah Hall of residence, and various lecture theaters, is where I put the finer details in my high school desire to lead life on my own terms, and escape the routine that awaited graduates

  • 2008


    By 2008 December is when my intake of 2005, effectively finished the course and the graduation ceremony occurred the following January 2009. But my name had not been cleared on the graduation list so I did not graduate then, until much later in 2012. The reason was that there was a course unit called "Research Methodology" which I had not done its course work, and so instead of (coursework, test, exam) marks, I had test & exam marks only for this course unit. I did not want to redo it so I left the university and went into the field without clear that up. Because of pride, I did not want to re-do the course-work because that would put a 'retake' on my transcript, the only one in three years of the course. So I went out of uni that December 2008, knowing I will not graduate in the coming January.

    I finally graduated in 2012, after gaining the courage to go back to the university and face the dean and registrar of Faculty of commuting. The delay had really been due to my own making because I had had passed the two (Test & Exam) highly enough to cover for the coursework marks and still get the university pass-mark. But because the rules were that marks for the three areas must be entered in the system for results to be computed, I now faced the staff in the academic registrar office and showed then that even if they add up the marks of the two done, and divide by three (expected), I would still pass, they advised me to write to the academic registar requesting to have a zero mark entered in the system as my score for course work, and they did. I still got the pass-mark and no retake was necessary, hence I was cleared for graduation in that January 2012, having spent three years out in the field, "working"

  • 2010

    Starting Business

    The very first business, i.e sale of the company was the sale of a desktop application I designed in Java/MySQL called Bizhub, which I had designed

  • 2014

    Leaving the Garage

    We officially left the garage provided my my aunt, in 2014, and occupied our first rented office in January 2014

  • 2008

    Writing in the margins

    I would write in the margins of my University books, whatever came to mind, inspired by discussions in class or lecturer oratory

  • 2010-12-01

    Domain Creation Date

    When I registered on December 01, 2010, that was the first real commitment to the long journey of formulating a company. Our journey has only brought us higher. Information Technology completely changes the way we analyze and present data. We have embraced new technologies and have ensured that our clients receive cutting edge analytics. As we go on towards the future we intend to exploit the full potential of new technologies to power our services.

  • 2013

    Business @the Speed of Though

    The registration of a second domain name on our company name, on the .biz extension, signified an expansion of business in the cloud environment, by taking on more cloud storage servers, launching two more, new name servers by which to connect clients to our cloud services, and launching more robust web service offering

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