Our Company History

Here is abit of perspective into how the company that later came to be known as Nextel Systems Ltd, really got founded.  It did not happen in one single act or event, but happened in small decisions over a long time, hence its a storied history. We have been pioneers in the industry for many years and are known for taking innovative steps. We are very proud of our achievements and all the people who led us here.

  • 2011

    Starting Business

    I developed my first desktop application in the basement of my aunt's house at Baka Close, Tank Hill Road, Muyenga, later called Bizhub 1.0. It was designed in Java/SWING with a MySQL database engine for data storage

  • 2014

    Leaving the Garage

    We officially left the garage provided my my aunt, in 2014, and occupied our first rented office in January 2014

  • 2008

    Writing in the margins

    I would write in the margins of my University books, whatever came to mind, inspired by discussions in class or lecturer oratory

  • 2010-12-01

    Domain Creation Date

    When I registered on December 01, 2010, that was the first real commitment to the long journey of formulating a company. Our journey has only brought us higher. Information Technology completely changes the way we analyze and present data. We have embraced new technologies and have ensured that our clients receive cutting edge analytics. As we go on towards the future we intend to exploit the full potential of new technologies to power our services.

  • 2013

    Business @the Speed of Though

    The registration of a second domain name on our company name, on the .biz extension, signified an expansion of business in the cloud environment, by taking on more cloud storage servers, launching two more, new name servers by which to connect clients to our cloud services, and launching more robust web service offering

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