Our Business Development Department also known as the Business Development Group – is where the management science of the company is crafted. It is tasked with assessing and creating business processes followed in the execution of business task,  and thus creating efficiency in management

Efficient workflows add to the value for the company by closing the gaps of resource wastage, ensure customer satisfaction, and creating lasting relationships.


This department works effortlessly to implement growth opportunities within the organization.  Through new ideas and initiatives, it aims to improve the overall organization prospects, which drive the functioning of the other different departments of the company.



Marketing aims towards the successful sale of products and services to end customers.

  • Promotion campaigns
  • Product advertising


It aligns methodologies with research goals, using a range of tools to acquire information and interpret data.

  • Writing up of reports
  • Conducting fieldwork and tests


It offers advisory services that deal with various matters, particularly legal issues involving negotiations.

  • Drafting legal documents
  • Handling legal disputes

Human Resource

The HR team trains and develops workers; the company’s most important resources.

  • Recruiting promising candidates
  • Takes care of disciplinary concerns
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