Mobile Money Payments® Integration Plugin for WooCommerce

About the PluginWelcome to Mobile Money Payments® Integration Plugin for WooCommerce

The Mobile Money Payments® Integration Plugin for WooCommerce enables an e-commerce businesses to integrate Mobile Money as a payment method within their e-commerce business. Now you can Accept Mobile Money payments (MTN MoMo & Airtel Money) on your e-commerce website, provided your website is designed on the WordPress CMS with WooCommerce shop system.

What it a Plugin?

A plugin is a simple mobile money add-on to Woo-Commerce but also a complete Mobile Money payments plugin – a piece of software with functions that extend WordPress and WooCommerce functionality by adding a Mobile Money payment option, that can be installed in any WordPress-powered e-commerce website. It is very simple and specific in terms of its purpose and operational environment. Developed in PHP, we have a solution for Mobile Money payment options, seamlessly integrating within your E-Commerce website

Simplifying online payments

Selling online with instant mobile money payments is now simplified. Is your business dealing in physical goods, digital products or packaged services? Do you sell one-off or subscriptions; this plugin is built with an e-commerce seller in mind, and enables instant cash collection from customers on your website using Mobile Money (MTN Mobile Money & Airtel Money). Bring your business to the e-commerce economy, and sell nationally with our automated Mobile


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Integrate & accept Mobile Money payments (MTN Mobile Money & Airtel Money)...

Previous Versions

In the late 2016 and early 2017, Nextel Systems Ltd executed integration agreements with MTN Uganda Limited & Airtel Uganda Limited, the 2 major telecom companies offering Mobile Money services. This enabled us to develop a mobile money application mapping to Mobile Money collection services through gateways, and presenting an easy to use E-Commerce tool for web developers, to be able add mobile money as  a payment option on their websites. It enabled instant mobile money payments from a website on the e-commerce checkout page.

Purpose of the PluginWhat is it used for and who can use it?

The main target user for this plugin is a Business owner transforming his business from physical shop/store into an online store or shop (E-commerce)

Our [Mobile Money Payments® Integration Plugin] allows a business owner to accept real-time mobile money payments on your e-commerce website, and get the funds liquidated to his or her mobile money or bank account after an online sale.

It enables an online shop/merchant/seller to accept & seamlessly collect Mobile Money payments (MTN MoMo & Airtel Money supported) automatically on your online shop (otherwise known as e-commerce website). It works with e-commerce websites built on WordPress and having WooCommerce plugin as the shop or shopping system

It creates an opportunity for sellers of goods or services, and for mobile money users to buy online easily, which favours both groups.

Convenience to Customers

Give your customers a new level of convenience, by allowing them to shop and pay for your goods securely from your website. We have designed, deployed, tested an integrated Mobile Money payment solution, supporting MTN & Airtel networks. Mobile money subscribers on those networks can make payment directly in a seller’s website (whom we call a merchant), in two-easy steps at check-out, to complete the payment. As long as the merchant has the plugin installed and configured.

Time Saving

With this integration, your business can easily gain fast customers who are too time-bad to visit, by giving them this option to transact with you without requiring them to physically go in at your shop/store/office. The goods or services listed within your well-developed website (storefront), can conveniently be paid for using Mobile Money embedded in your website. 

Focusing on Delivery

Your website closes the deal, you focus on delivery & customer satisfaction. This also gives rise to free your workforce from pushing paper and order chasing, (this function is moved to your website) and clear them up to master delivery and order filling.

Features & Architecture of the PluginUnderstand the software

WordPress supports plug-ins & add-ons to plugins, as an elaborate way of enabling its users to add features, functionality and customise their websites. WooCommerce is itself a plugin for WordPress, designed specifically to add e-commerce and online merchant features to websites.

So, Mobile Money Payments® Integration Plugin is actually an add-on to WooCommerce, adding a payment method called Mobile Money, among the options you can give your buyers in your online shop. That is the environment in which this plugin can be installed, configured and used.

WordPress/WooCommerce Integration

The plugin is compatible with WordPress & is available in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Plug-and-play install to WordPress via Plugins -> New plugin & search for ‘Mobile Money Payments Integration for WooCommerce’ or “nextel systems”. Activate the ‘Plugins and configure or set-up at WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments with a username & password provided by Nextel Systems. You’re done, the mobile money payment method is now  visible on your website checkout page

MTN Mobile Money support

Fast liquidation to your Mobile Money number or Bank account and it is fast and instant.

Automatic payment confirmations

Accept MTN Mobile Money & Airtel Money payments in a spilt on a second to your account.

No Transaction Fees

Payment initiated on website & approved via Mobile Money PIN on phone in real time. Automatic Invoices –  automatically generated  invoices by the website sent to the user via e-mail and accessible via dashboard view

Shortened payment procedure

The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, the major e-commerce plugin for the WordPress platform, and all product types

Airtel Money support

Quickly integrate it in your WordsPress/WooCommerce website and it works instantly at a spilt second.

Quick Liquidation

Receipt for order is automatically generated and sent to the respective user.

Ugandan currency (UGX) supported

The Uganda shilling (UGX) is the predominant supported currency for the mobile money but with currency conversion, options for more currencies can be converted to UGX at payment

Collecting Payments / LiquidationHow do I retrieve my Money after a customer buys my product ?

Easily integrate MTN mobile money & Airtel Money as payment methods in WooCommerce in your e-commerce website. Simply install it into your WooCommerce powered shop, and this powerful plugin by Nextel Systems® Ltd. We’re dedicated to making mobile money payments easy and fast for WooCommerce.

Purchasing the Plugin /Fees IncludedHow much do I have to pay?

Our premium mobile money payments plugin costs a one-off purchase fee of UGX 650,000/ on first time setup. We do not charge transaction fees to you or your clients on orders. For access to new versions & continuous development, an annual subscription fee of UGX 100,000 will be billed to you after each one year of using the plugin, all new versions will be available to you automatically for updating

Downloading the PluginMain software users targeted

You can download & install the plugin automatically within your WordPress website dashboard via Plugins -> New Plugin (Search for “Mobile Money Payments Integration for WooCommerce” or “Nextel Systems”), or manually download & install from the WordPress Plugin Directory here. This current page contains the official information & technical guidelines and is the official plugin page on our website here For the official plugin page on WordPress Plugin Directory, please visit WordPress.Org


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Accept Mobile Money payments (MTN MoMo & Airtel Money) on your WordPress/WooCommerce...

Installing the PluginActivating & Configuring Requirements

At the time of activating or enabling the plugin on your website, you will be requested for an API username & password, which you will obtain from Nextel Systems Ltd. Before we give you the username and password, we’ll require you to send us an authorizing letter (Mobile Money Liquidation Letter), which contains your Mobile Money numbers and or Bank Account details where to liquidate 

Here is a template of the Mobile Money Liquidation Letter, you can download it here, fill it and send to us as a scanned .PDF file. 

The purpose of the Mobile Money Liquidation Letter is to establish your credentials with us & liquidation instructions. No use of the plugin to collect payments on your website without providing this information

Supported NetworksMobile Networks Supported

The plugin is currently scaled on the 2 top Mobile Money Networks in Uganda. That is Airtel Money and MTN Mobile Money (MoMo)

  • MTN Mobile Money
    We use the MTN Open API as an initiative for accessing MTN Mobile Money services, in which MTN has exposed to the public API end points for Developers to leverage on the MoMo platform.
  • Airtel Money – We also use the Airtel Money Uganda API as an initiative for accepting payments on Airtel.

Testing the Plugin on Live WebsitesHow to test Mobile Money Payments Integration Plugin

You can test mobile money payment and see how it works, here on our website, by doing a test-purchasing of this product (UGX 1,000 – no actual product will be sent) here  on our website here.

Visit our clients’ websites with Money Money payments

You can also search any domain name & buy it with your MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money here on our website. Make sure format of input of mobile money number, on the checkout/payment page is like this: +256774696776

For Technical Support

Phone: +256-414-696-776 | +256-756-085-930 | +256-776-085-930
E-mail: |

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Ready to Accept Mobile Money payments on your e-commerce website?

MTN MoMo & Airtel Money are supported for your WordPress/WooCommerce powered website

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