Our Website Value Proposition

Website Value Proposition v1.3, 2020

We continually review our website packages & customer service, to in-build greater value for our customers in any of our website packages they sign up for.
Our Website Value Proposition v1.3, 2020
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Website Value Proposition v1.3v1.3May 01, 2020

We continually review our website packages and customer service, in order to build greater value for our customers in each website package they sign up for.

Value for your website means the financial return you get from your websites, in excess of the price you pay for the website on a monthly and annual basis

To provide greater value for our client, we offer a combination of features that can deliver the value and that differentiate our website producing technologies and service

Our packages show what you get under each package, and have a pricing comparison table to differentiate them. Below are the website value features in our website packages

Each package comes with a large list of features, which fall under the categories of Website Design, Hosting, Domain Management, E-Commerce – see the feature category list below

Feature Categories

  • Domain Name Features – Domain Name Registration & Management
  • Content Creation Features – Content creation for website
  • Design & Layout Features – Design, Layout, Usability & Aesthetics of website
  • Functionality / Programming Features
  • Hosting Features
  • E-mail Features
  • Security Features
  • E-Commerce Features
  • Optimisation Features
  • Social Media Integration
  • Content Marketing Features
  •  Technical Support Features
  • Customer Service Features
Domain Name Features

We provide a number of domain related features from registration, transferm renewal of your domain, to managing DNS and WHOIS 

Functionality Features

Functionality / Programming Features

Security Features

Security & Encryption Features

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration Features

Customer Service Features

Customer Service Features

Content Creation Features

Content Creation Features creating value content – copywriting, SEO copy, images, banners and photography, video content, 3D content creation

Hosting Features

Engage with consumers and inspire the media — we ensure brands are seen and heard in all the right places.

E-Commerce Features

E-Commerce – transactional website Features

Content Marketing Features

Content Marketing Features

Design & Layout Features

Features covering the Design, Layout, aesthetics of your website 

E-mail Features

E-mail Features describe our Professional Email Hosting with send/receive SSL encryption, archiving and backup etc

Optimisation Features

Optimisation for Mobile, Browsers, Loading speed, Features

Technical Support Features

Technical Support Features

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