COVID-19: Our Service Commitment to Customers

To our esteemed customers,

COVID-19: Service Commitment

As the COVID-19 pandemic & social distancing measures create new challenges for business, we wish to rest you assured that your online systems – websites, business applications, corporate email & hosting support services will remain unaffected & in excellent service, throughout the disruptive phase. We’re committed to meet your needs in and out of emergency, with reliable hosting infrastructure, software systems and fast support.

Working Remotely

As you temporarily transition into working from home or remotely, we’re available to advise & deploy business tools on your cloud, for your workforce to function remotely, as it would in the office. You can benchmark our knowledge and experience, to operate within remote locations, and shouldn’t expect to experience any disruptions in your Nextel Systems® account, services or support.

Support Channels

As always, our team is here for you 24/7/365 if you have any challenge, question or just need support. Below are our online, on phone and live chat support channels

  • Email: | |
  • Phone: +256-414-696-776 | +256-776-085-930 | +256-756-085-930
  • Live Chat: You can connect to us for live chat from a button our websites
  • Websites: | |

We wish you, your loved ones & work family, more safety and good health in the days ahead. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to working with you both today and well into the future.

 B. Regards

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