To understand what Voice over IP is, think of calling someone in your contacts with your WhatsApp application on the phone. Or if you have ever used Facebook to make Facebook call to a friend. Or if you ever used Skype to make / receive calls on your phone or PC. That is the same technology being used on different platforms.

When applied within a company, or an organisation for its outbound/inbound communication, the cost savings are enormous, and as a long term communications strategy, it is on the right path. That is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), in a nutshell.

The internal network for computers, office phones, internet and the software that needs to go into it,  for the technology to work, are pretty smart, and need experienced engineers to build – that’s where we come in. Even some Mobile phones, which we call SIP-Enabled,  could be hooked on the VoIP network of the company and users make and receive the calls over an internet connection

The VoIP Network

  • With VoIP, analog voice calls are converted into packets of data. The packets travel like any other type of data, such as e-mail, over the public Internet and/or any private Internet Protocol (IP) network.
  • Using a VoIP service, you can call landline or cell phones. You can also call computer-to-computer, with both parties speaking into a computer microphone and listening through computer speakers or headsets.
  • When evaluating, it’s worth noting that you can make or receive calls using landline telephones. All you need is an analog telephone adapter connected to your network. Also, to ensure the best voice quality and security, consider using your VoIP or other communications system on a private IP network.

How VoIP Works for Your Business

How VoIP works for your business is simple: By adding voice to a data network, you’ll reduce costs, improve productivity, and enhance collaboration.

Voice means having one network in the workplace, instead of two. You can easily add, move, or change phone extensions and locations, which gives you more flexibility.

Workers can use your VoIP communication system from home, on the road, at office.

Wireless IP phones are available to connect your workforce to your VoIP communications system from anywhere they can access your data network wirelessly. Workers can easily voice & video conference from a single, easy-to-use interface

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