Bizhub Enterprise Accounting ERP Software

Bizhub Enterprise Accounting ERP Software, fully featured cloud-based accounting software for SMEs
Bizhub Enterprise Accounting ERP Software, fully featured cloud-based accounting software for SMEs

Welcome to Bizhub Enterprise Accounting ERP platform, a fully hosted Business Accounting ERP Solution for SMEs

Bizhub Enterprise ERP is a simple solution, yet robust business tool that reduces the daily work-flow time, long-term viability as a cloud-based

Our System is for companies that wish to step ahead of the traditional desktop accounting packages, into the cloud-based Accounting where you work online over an internet connection. Software and Data reside on server online.

Modules, Features & Functionality Overview

Over 100 business modules for you to create, store, manage and secure your corporate data and produce business documents such as Quotations, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Delivery Notes, etc over your internet connection

Users and
Security module


Over 20 security levels to simply give the users, such as sales, accountants, purchasers, etc, all can have live access to the system and work without interference with each other


Cloud-based Accounting applications, or any other business systems have certain advantages over the traditional desktop accounting packages or business applications

  • Get a real-time view of your cashflow from anywhere
  • Online invoicing, Send online invoices to your customers
  • handle complex business functions
  • Manage inventories in multiple locations and sales points from a central database
  • Just a few employees can manage a large company with complex financial system
  • spend less on IT infrastructure needed to run a serious financial system – less on acquisition, implementation & support
  • Can expand your suite with additional modules at no extra cost
  • Can integrate third party  systems (complete apps called Add-Ons) with ease, such as;
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
    • Business Intelligence (BI),
    • Project Management,
    • Data Mining,
    • Advanced Financial Reporting
    • Complex Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Scalability; adding simultaneous users without increasing licensing costs
  • No maintenance fees normally associated with in-house systems
  • No high-end hardware often required to run complex financial systems in-house
  • the underlying database is a true enterprise financial systems for long-range planning
  • No need for IT department, employees won’t have to work alone to implementing the SME accounting system
  • Can be housed on-site eventually, if company builds its own cloud
  • Free ongoing support saves significant cost from the implementation stage and down the road
  • Enables on-the-go access, with operations & features available remotely, whether using iPads, Tablets, in addition to Desktops & Laptops

Demo Company/ Test Account
For demonstration of this system, version 2.4.3, here is a demo company; you can login and try it  yourself. Use the Username, Password & link below to login and access the system features.

Sub-Admin User
Username: subadmin
Password: subadmin2018
Login at:

Note: The user account provided may be limited from using some of the features. You can use the demo system to check and test the features, enter data such as clients, suppliers, products/items or services, generate Quotations, Invoices, purchase orders, etc while logged in with this account.

Getting Started

To get your company setup on cloud accounting, please test the system with above user details for an idea of how it works and what features it offers, download and review the product document attached on this page (on top of this page). Contact us for an installation on the details below


  • +256-414-696-776
  • +256-756-085-930
  • +256-776-085-930
  • +256-775-691-051 (WhatsApp Only)

Accounting platform. Nextel Systems securely hosts all necessary databases and software on our servers, and businesses access their data anytime, anywhere via internet connection.

Enabling SME growth with cloud accounting software
Enabling SME growth with cloud accounting software

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