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Nextel Systems Ltd is pleased to officially announce a new service to our corporate clients – Content Advertising. This means creating excellent content about your business, with the express intention of promoting that content through popular online channels, with the help of paid advertising on those channels

Even though we have already been executing content advertising campaigns for organisations, these were based on back-door knowledge by those organisations of our internet services capacities. But after registering incredible return on investments for our clients with the campaigns, we decided to add Content Advertising as full time service on our portfolio. In our assessment as an I.T we can bet that this is the most efficient way of advertising today. A properly executed Content Advertising Campaign will fetch more ROI than Radio, TV and Billboard advertising campaigns, with less spend and turn-around time to ROI.

What is Content Advertising / Internet Advertising?

Content advertising differs significantly from traditional advertising methods, in that content advertising’s aim is to engage consumers on a different platform that traditional adverting – on their internet-connected devices.

Content Adverting offers ability to pipe relevant information/ads faster & conveniently – allowing consumers to expand their product / service knowledge, while at the same allowing to interact with such information in real-time and share with others.

Key Benefits

  • Engage consumers faster, on their internet-connected devices (phones, tablets, computers)
  • pipe relevant information faster to expand their product / service knowledge,
  • allows feedback and interaction with your Advert in real-time
  • Allows share with others

Why Nextel Systems for this service?

With over 10-Year of experience on the internet, with daily hands-on while designing, maintaining websites and social media pages, we have gained invaluable knowledge on what makes a company stand out on the internet.

This is the knowledge and design skills that have brought forward this service. We have already carried out incredibly successful Content Advertising campaigns for small and medium companies who could not have entered and penetrated the market with such ease and speed. After these initial successes, and our own success an I.T firm which relies entirely on online forms of advertising, we bring all this to bear for our corporate clientele.

Most times even a good website is not enough to penetrate the market, let alone curve, market share. It is these added digital strategies which we have proposed in these Content Advertising Package packages that make the whole different and deliver the market.

Our clients will experience for the first time the true power and speed of professional, internet-based Advertising methods.

How We Do It

By now the peculiar science of search engines, content, design and designing for the internet machine is well preserved within our core web team. We therefore put the pieces of a good campaign together

Customers Responsibilities

The customer has the products, services and processes which the consumers need.

In our negotiations with clients when carrying our Ad Campaigns, often ask can’t we boost pages and run internet ads by ourselves. Whereas this is true, the customer can create and boost Ad Campaign with Google, Facebook and other Social Networks, these platforms make it easy to start a campaign. We’re very aware of this and this is not why we would offer to do this business. Our realisation is that, to make an Advertising Spend effective as, you would have a lot more considerations to make, than the few steps presented by the platform to start a campaign. It is very easy spend on the campaign without achieving the goal, making any impact or even reaching your true target consumers. The kind of Campaign that would send company phones buzzing, e-mails coming in, and WhatsApp coming in from new potential clients within a few hours of a campaign launch, these require a lot more scientific design of the campaign. This is where our true genius is – to make Internet Ad campaigns effective, efficient, achieve goal and with amazing return on investments.

Our Commitment Adverting campaign is now fully launched. We hope you engage us to run your turn-key campaigns, and enjoy the full power of Content Advertising

Kind Regards,

Content Advertising, within the Internet Systems Division

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