Integrate MTN Mobile Money & Airtel Money payments into your E-Commerce Websites

Updated on: October 15, 2020

Mobile Money Integration in E-Commerce Websites

Now you can integrate Mobile Money payment technologies, like MTN MoMo & Airtel Money as complete payment options within your E-Commerce Website, using our simple, plug-and-play Mobile Money payment plugin. Currently the plugin works when the website is build on WordPress with WooCommerce as the ecommerce shop.

Download Mobile Money Integration plugin for your WordPress/WooCommerce Website


Mobile Money Payments Integration Plugin 78.42 KB 28 downloads

Accept Mobile Money payments (MTN MoMo & Airtel Money) on your WordPress/WooCommerce...

We have brought the Mobile Money services offered by MTN & Airtel telecoms, to the web environment, by developing a plug-and-play payment plugin, which you can deploy by a one-click-install, on your e-commerce website (must be WordPress/WooCommerce), and immediately start accepting Mobile Money Payments straight on your website

The full power of Mobile Money technology as provided by MTN, Airtel telecom networks in Uganda, is yours, as you can give your clients an easy payment option on your E-Commerce Website, using our Mobile Money payment plugin. This creates an opportunity for sellers of goods/services, and for Mobile Money users to buy online easily, bringing convenience to both groups

Convenience to Customers

Give your customers a new level of convenience, by allowing them to shop and pay for your goods securely from your website. We have designed, deployed, tested an integrated Mobile Money payment solution, supporting MTN & Airtel networks. Mobile money subscribers on those networks can make payment directly in a seller’s website (whom we call merchant), in two-easy steps at check-out, to complete the payment. As long as the merchant has the plugin installed and configured 

Saving Time

With this integration, your business can easy gain fast customers who are too time-bad to visit, by giving them this option to transact with you without requiring them to physically go in at your shop/store/office.

The goods or services listed within your well-developed website (storefront), can conveniently be paid for using Mobile Money embedded in your website. Our Plugin works with E-Commerce Websites designed on top of WordPress / Woo Commerce – the most common e-commerce platform on the internet

Focusing on Delivery

Your website closes the deal, you focus on delivery & customer satisfaction. This also gives rise to free your workforce from pushing paper and order chasing, (this function is moved to your website) and clear them up to master delivery and order filling.

Test our Mobile Money payment in our Websites

You can test and see how Mobile Money payment method works, here on our website, by doing a test-buy/purchase of UGX 1,000/ (no actual product will be sent) here  on our website here. You can pay with your MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money account. Ensure the format of putting your mobile money number on the payment page/checkout page is like this: 256778696776

How It Works/ What exactly happens during a Mobile Money purchase on a website

  • The customer visits your website, to find your products/services and prices
  • The customer chooses the product(s)/service(s) they want from your website, by adding to the shopping cart.
  • After shopping the customer proceeds to check-out on your website
  • The customer fills the check-out form with their personal details and chooses to pay using Mobile Money
  • The customer is taken to the Mobile Money payment page with the order amount loaded, and asked to put in his/her Mobile Money Number in the format: 256774696776
  • The website sends a Mobile Money withdrawal request for the exact amount in the final order, to the customer’s phone.
  • The customer puts in his/her Mobile Money pin on his/her phone to confirm/accept the purchase
  • The withdrawal request message will show that you’re paying Nextel Systems Ltd.
  • Once payment is confirmed on phone, the website confirms the order and proceeds to the customer account on your website. Payment confirmations are sent via SMS and E-mail to both the seller and the customer.

Who can use our Mobile Money integration in their Website

The Mobile Money in website payment option is a perfect fit for goods manufacturers, wholesale & retail traders, industrial goods distributors, Fashion and clothing stores, hotels selling rooms & accommodation packages targeting local customers, travel agencies offering packages targeting local travelers, electronically deliverable services like domain names (registration), web-hosting, web development services, software & mobile apps, easy-to-deliver services like accounting services, education short courses, newspaper online subscribe, books & stationery retailers.

Tap into the massive Mobile Money networks of two telecom giants on the continent 

There is a critical mass of users registered by the Telecom networks on the Mobile Money service. Business can tap this mass and turn them into clients by offering well integrated Mobile Money in their business model.

To build your website accepting Mobile Money payments, we have a website “Design & Host” package called E-COMMERCE Site, which combines the design, hosting, security & transactional features needed to build, deploy & start selling your goods/services accepting money from your own website. You can order the E-COMMERCE Site package from our website here. Our developers will get in touch with you to confirm and then started once order is received. We accept Bank Deposits, Checks, Mobile Money. The Mobile Money option is present on our website.

Back Story

In late 2016 and early 2017, Nextel Systems Ltd finalized systems integration discussions and formally executed Systems Integration Agreements with 2 major telecom companies offering Mobile Money services;

  • MTN Uganda Limited
  • Airtel Uganda Limited

The different agreements are to enable us automate the technical mapping of their Mobile Money platform and users, enabling Nextel Systems to build easy to use E-Commerce tools and frameworks, to be used in Website front end by web developers, thus enabling end-users of Mobile Money extra range of services they can purchase and for using this payment option on the websites to complete online orders and make payments right away, in an efficient, fault-proof and easy to use process.

Converting traditional USSD technology of Mobile Money to a Web Technology

What we have done with our Mobile Money payment integration is to effectively bring Mobile Money technology, a majorly USSD technology, into mainstream usage on the internet, in E-COMMERCE websites – enabling shoppers with an active Mobile Money account on MTN or Airtel networks, to buy goods and services online on E-COMMERCE websites developed & integrated by Nextel Systems, full transactions completed and receipted, meeting all the regulatory requirements of the E-COMMERCE industry.

Opportunities for Business 

This is particularly important for established businesses that need to offer online storefronts, because with Mobile Money fully integrated as a payment option into their website, the millions of people who transact using Mobile Money can now be directly  tapped as customers, offering them a convenient way of dealing with your company. We have developed, tested and integrated Mobile Money payment method within website environments, currently accepting MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money at check-out.

Usage Scenario

If you are company or business that wishes to have customers buy your products or services online, it is assumed that you have well designed e-commerce website for your business. For your customers to be able to complete the order with mobile money payment before leaving your website, it is assumed that the customer has an active Mobile Money account on MTN or Airtel, and they have enough funds on the mobile money phone number to purchase the item or service, plus the standard mobile money transaction charges applicable on sending such an amount (the amount in the order total).

By accepting Mobile Money as a payment method, your business gives the customer a faster, easier way to pay and get served. The challenges in implementing E-COMMERCE within the Ugandan business environment have been;

  1. How will customers pay you (Which payment method do you accept)
  2. How will Delivery be done (assurance to customer that you will deliver their purchase)

Delivering the goods

However in the last couple of years, some business have made and we have seen the Boda Boda concept applied in delivering Food, clothing, medical, etc. We have also seen new transportation innovations adopting the online ordering/booking delivery model.

The industry is therefore ripe for mass usage of online ordering. This requires that a payment method that is convenient to both the buyer and the seller, to be introduced in the website portals of businesses. That’s what you call an E-Commerce Website.

Integration within our own Websites

Effective January 09, 2017, our customers  can have Mobile Money payment available as an option in their E-COMMERCE website. This technology can be taken advantage of to speedy up service delivery.

To give customers an idea of how they will receive Mobile Money on their website, we have integrated it across our own E-commerce websites ( and and will accept Mobile Money payments going forward.

Two Easy Steps

After integration of Mobile Money payment option into your website, just like selecting Credit Card-based payment options, Mobile Money is also presented  in a website as an option to your customers. Payment for goods is made in only in 2 steps. After customer selects mobile money payment option on the website;

  • The website send withdrawal request for the order amount,  to your phone, for PIN confirmation
  • Once the customer puts in their Mobile Money PIN on the phone, the amount is deducted and sent to seller’s mobile money account

The rest is take care of by the website – sending receipt and order details by e-mail and giving access to product

Our Mobile Money API meets Industry standards

Using the industry’s best API (Application Programming Interface) for Mobile Money technology, we built the functionality that integrates the core communication between the Mobile Operator’s network and your website, so that the shopping system on your website interfaces smoothly with the Mobile Money system, giving customer the final option to authorize the payment

Notifications to the Buyer and the seller

  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Legally-binding agreement


  • Your business will widen its local Client Base to new clients who use internet to search and buy goods
  • Brings Convenience to clients and the business – through the automation of the sales and Payment process
  • Gives the business a Lead the market with the online niche fully powered by Mobile technology
  • It shortens Sales closing Gap as the website provides back-to-back information on products and closes the sale
  • The business focuses on Deliver, with Speed, Efficiently at its center
  • The business will Free your teams – the website provides sufficient information for customers to make decision to buy
  • Cut marketing costs and your functional E-COMMERCE website will attract, register & maintain clients database

What You Need to start/ Requirements

Customers interested in website design and hosting with e-commerce, can sign up for our E-Commerce Site package

  • You must be on our E-COMMERCE Site Package 
  • Your company or business will sign a Terms of Service (ToS) with Nextel Systems Ltd to effect E-Commerce
  • Must have a Refund or Money Back Guarantee to your clients on your website in case you fail to deliver items bought online from your website

Nextel Systems Ltd agreement with your business also establishes the transaction charges, liquidation of accounts period, etc as minimum requirements for E-COMMERCE website, to enable delivering of online orders from your websites in a fast, efficient and customer friendly manner.

Illustration: the processes of paying with Mobile Money on a website built on our E-COMMERCE Site package

Overview of the Telecommunications sector (2017 stats)
As of the start of 2017, the total of registered Mobile Phone users and fixed telephone subscribers in Uganda stands at 23,206,729 (about Twenty Four million people) users.

The national Tele-density, or the number of telephone connections for every hundred individuals in Uganda, currently stands at 64. The Number of Mobile Money subscribers in Uganda as at Dec 2016, stood at 21.58 million people, carrying out between them business transaction value of UGX 13.07 trillions. The balance on Mobile Money accounts across all networks stood at UGX 353.73 billions by Jan 2017.

Nextel Focus on Mobile Money

This is why Nextel focuses its website development service on technical Mobile Money payment implementations in websites to bring this volume of trade into the mainstream, internet-based buying and selling of goods and (E-COMMERCE). Our initial tests have been successful with orders placed, payments made and goods delivered. Get Started!

At Nextel Systems, we tailored, tested and deployed on multiple projects, a website package for companies that are focused on selling online, overcoming the huddles that existed before.  We have compressed all the nitty-gritty that go into building a website that actually completes transactions online, rather than the commonly used brick-and-motors implementation of e-commerce, where you order online but pay offline. We have compressed the shopping, delivery, security and regulatory challenges into website technologies to enable all parties and stakeholders to get their due in one shopping experience.

Our End-to-End integration features MTN’s Mobile Money platform & Airtel Money platform, as we make these networks complete payments online through integration of their systems into our customer’s Websites

Accepting Mobile Money Payments in your E-Commerce in website

Companies and organisations that are looking to implement online selling or accepting payments on their website, can now implement this technology with our end-to-end  solution for E-commerce websites, utilizing Mobile Money payment. In a few steps to complete the transaction. Currently, we’re supporting MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money networks for Ugandan businesses.

“Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Albert Einstein

Sample websites & stores with Mobile Money payment integration

Below are a list of sample websites of our customers, running product-based or service-based businesses, where the mobile money payment plugin deployed, integrated, up and running, accepting and collecting mobile money payments from their e-commerce websites;


Support, Maintenance and Continuous Development

Our Mobile Integration is constantly updated and diversified to work in different website frameworks, from the current WordPress / WooCommerce  to cover a wider range of e-commerce frameworks

More services are on-boarded onto the web-based offerings of utilities and entertainment services, for businesses to provide and enable payment for utilities, Cable TV,  etc, with full automation activation of purchased services online

Opportunities for Website Developers

The plugin is available for use by website developers wishing to integrate & enable mobile money payment option in their customers ecommerce websites. Developers have to meet the basic standards of an ecommerce website platform, and send an official letter requesting for the plugin and integration. A one-off fee will be paid to use the plugin by developers, after which no charges to them by Nextel Systems Ltd

Download Mobile Money Integration plugin for your WordPress/WooCommerce Website


Mobile Money Payments Integration Plugin 78.42 KB 28 downloads

Accept Mobile Money payments (MTN MoMo & Airtel Money) on your WordPress/WooCommerce...

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