Nextel Systems is a fast growing software company – committed to develop & support its product portfolio across the Desktop, Client-Server & Web environments. The structure of the company has evolved, as demand for fast execution of tasks, and need to offer customers stronger guarantees on our software quality.

Our approach to staffing has been that, as the company grows & the tasks grow in size and number; new professionals are hired into the departments.

When the company first started, it wasn’t urgent to create a big Organisational Structure, the founders performed the tasks among themselves and handled all projects directly.

But as the company grown, and cultivated a strong client base, the need to have an elaborate structure has become real. As new people come into our company, and others leave the company, the core functions in the organization of the company have crystalized, and roles have become more specialized.

So the Nextel is organised around the following departments in order to render its services effectively;

  1. Internet Systems Division – handling the web design, web hosting & domains management
  2. Software Engineering Division – handling core software products design & support
  3. Division of Networks – handling voice & data network infrastructures & equipment
  4. Business Development Group – handling customer relations, management, satisfaction