• Design and Implementation Procedure

Once a client approaches us for a software design project, web application, network implementation or hardware infrastructure installation, we follow this general procedure to implement and deliver the technology or solution. The procedure is oft-changed and re-organised along intuitive and collaborative lines, between our technical team and the client representative(s) during the implementation of activities;

  • Phase 1- Requirements Analysis

Our team collaborates with you to extract all the necessary details related to the project under consideration, to ensure that it is initiated with a common understanding of the client’s expectations and the future needs of the project.

  • Phase 2- Prototype Design

After all your requirements have been gathered by our team, they get to the drawing board to create the very first prototype of the design, Implementation plan, using the specific project engineering tools. This prototype is then opened to the client for a viewing and feedback is sought from the client, in form of suggested changes.

  • Phase 3- Revisions

The suggested revisions are met in this phase. Every revision ensures that the subsequent design is better than the earlier one. After successive improvements, the prototype takes shape and the final website, database application, network topology, hardware layout etc, is set for implementation.

  • Phase 4- Approve Final Design

The client gives the approval – that all the specifications have been incorporated in the design or implementation plan, short of which we go back to phase 3.

  • Phase 5 -Activation / Launch

Once the client approves the final solution, the site is published (hosted) in the case of web applications. Desktop applications are installed on the designated hardware; the network is tested at each node; the hardware infrastructure is test driven for performance.

The entire process, depending on the size of the project undertaken, can take between 5 working days and 2 months.