Nextel Systems provides business with key IT infrastructure in three core areas;

  1. Web Hosting & Application Hosting
  2. Software Engineering & Software Development
  3. Networks

Since we opened our doors for business with our desktop application – Bizhub 1.0, a business accounting suite, in January 2011, we have never looked back.

Our operations today are distributed into three core I.T markets;

  1. Software Engineering
    • Desktop Applications Design,
    • Web Applications Design,
    • Client-Server Applications Design
  2. VPS Hosting Infrastructure
    • Domain Names Registration
      • Top Level Domains
      • Uganda country code domain name registration
  3. Networks
    • Voice over IP (VoIP) Solution
    • Enterprise Networking
      • Managed Networks
      • Structured Cabling
      • Wi-Fi
    • Fibre Optic Cable laying

Started by IT graduates from Makerere University, we believe in creating software applications which for every business. Nextel Systems is now a fast growing software firm by clientele in Uganda, providing high-end, high-value, customised software applications running on desktop, web platforms and mobile. Research & Development ideas are kept running by new computing students who join our team every year.

Our core values & beliefs are enshrined in the words of out tagline; “Engineering people processes”

  • Engineering – application of scientific thought to solve practical, human problems
  • People – human beings considered collectively
  • Processes – the courses of action human beings take to achieve certain results

Put together, these words affirm our belief that scientific thinking holds a key to understanding and to solving human problems. They also affirm what we’re here to do – applying computing to create value. And much of that value will come from improving traditional processes that people follow daily to perform tasks, whether in their private lives or corporate environments.

  • Process

Nextel Systems is managed by a team of interested Software Engineers, Networks Engineers, Computer Scientists, I.T Professionals & MBAs, with an eye on the global software, telecommunications markets. In the short 10-Year run, we’re here to establish a successful corporate company in software design in East Africa and the Great Lakes Region, providing relevant software solutions and a computer programming value system certain to solve the unique problems. Our primary niche is extensive Requirements planning, Analysis, code-design, update history, maintenance & support of custom Application Software, for all levels of business and industry.

  • Position

We provide highly customised software solutions, which turn out to be 80% more relevant to our client needs and requirements than proprietary software bought off-the-shelf. Our Software products and systems are standardized & protected by our trademark, patent & copyright laws – giving customers an edge on exclusivity and reducing cost-of-ownership.

  • Customer

We focus on understanding the organisation, processes, operations, activities, formats that generate information, as the basis of our software engineering process. From the primary level, we use our expertise of Process Modeling to achieve the right solution for large companies, enabling them to align & achieve their strategic goals with technology. Those who have gone through us, either as consultants or technology providers, have stayed or wanted to more from us. We believe we’re the right technology fit, to help your organisation build the systems you need to streamline across your enterprise.