Our Website Value Proposition Enhanced 1.3

Website Value Proposition v1.3, 2020

We continually review our website packages & customer service, to in-build greater value for our customers in any of our website packages they sign up for.
Our Website Value Proposition v1.3, 2020
Document TitleVersionRelease Date
Website Value Proposition v1.3v1.3May 01, 2020

Our reviewed website value proposition takes effect from April 30, 2020 and introduces revised website package features across design, content, hosting, security, marketing, e-commerce, support and customer service. In this updated website value proposition, our website packages have not only undergone major updates within design features, hosting features, security features, domain name features, support features, but have also seen the introduction of new, additional service areas like content creation, content marketing, mobile-first concept, customer service features, and so much more. The package names themselves have also been updated, and changed to ENTERPRISE Site Pro | PRIVATE Site Pro | E-COMMERCE Site Pro. See the table below, showing the old and new package names, as well as indicating the current package cost with the initial and annual fees breakdown

Website Package Review v1.3

Your organisation needs a well-designed, functional, discoverable, mobile optimized and marketable website, with a good technical support system, in order to be used & relied upon by your customers. If you’re unable to serve your goods, services and business policies via your website, it’s time to update it.  Check out our reviewed Website Value Proposition, version 1.3 of April 2020, and learn how we are rethinking organizational websites for the post COVID-19 business world

Our current Website Packages & Pricing
OLD Package NameNEW Package NameInitial Design Cost (one-off Fee)Annual Renewal FeeGet Started
ENTERPRISE SiteENTERPRISE Site ProUGX 1,600,000/UGX 690,000/Learn More...
PRIVATE SitePRIVATE Site ProUGX 2,000,000/UGX 790,000/Learn More...
E-COMMERCE SiteE-COMMERCE Site ProUGX 3,000,000/UGX 1,000,000/Learn More...


Since 2010, Nextel Systems Ltd has been offering complete website solutions to businesses, organisation and government departments. More than 60% of clients we got more than 6 years ago, are still with us, on account of our continuous, periodic website evaluations, updates and some times total overhaul & re-designs. Our flexibility to changes both in business & in technology, gives our clients a leeway to make changes – big or small within their website. Our business is maintained on embracing a culture of continuous review, consolidation and change

So we have taken the experience of our last many years of offering the product and service, to refine and define what a website is to us and to an enterprise, and express this to customers within our website value proposition. Our latest assessment of online consumer needs, website maturity process, industry trends, design practices, technology updates, search engines evolvement, usability studies, mobile-first, have led us to enhance our offer and update our packages accordingly

What is a website to an organisation?

A website  is the most important digital asset for any business or organisation, mostly because it is carried served over the internet – by far the largest network on earth, connecting people world-wide. It can reach the highest number of people per day in the shortest time possible, serving up rich, dynamic, valuable content, that is shareable on social media, directories, search engines, maps, and linked to from many other websites & platforms.

A website is the enabler to participate, even compete in the global digital economy. 

The monthly cost of running a website or content marketing is significantly lower than running ads on TV, Radio, Newspaper, Billboard, branding on vehicles, and yet has the highest potential to reach, convert and manage clients. That is why as a website service provider, we constantly review our website value proposition to our customers, in a bid to offer the most value.

Building a website which represents a company well, sells online, comes top in search engines on many keywords, and is friendly to use, is not an easy task. It has to be designed from the start with a clear marketing goal in mind. Below are the reviewed features (April 06, 2020) covering domain name, design/layout, content creation, hosting, security, marketing, maintenance & support for a market-ready website. The features are all provided to our client within our latest website packages & pricing – ENTERPRISE Site Pro | PRIVATE Site Pro | E-COMMERCE Site Pro

Balancing Functionality with Look, Feel & Usability

We would define a functional website in simple terms as one that is tailored around the unique customer journey for your type of business. A Customer Journey is the procedural interaction between your customer and your organization, over the duration while they visit your website, and it represents how well you understanding your users, how they behave, their intent & how you manage their expectation while using your website. Your website have functionality coded into it, without cushioning it around user great experience

Maybe having the functionality to perform the tasks you need coding

Whether you’re considering a brand new website or a reimaging your old one for fresh re-design, this value proposition will give value and enable you meet the website goals;

Website Features

We breakdown and categorise the features of a modern, functional, mobile-first & market-ready website, into the following

  • Domain Name Features
  • Content Development Features
  • Design & Layout Features – the design, layout, and aesthetics of your website
  • Functionality / Programming Features
  • Hosting Features
  • E-mail Features
  • Security Features
  • E-Commerce Features
  • Optimisation Features – Optimisation of the website for Search Engines & to render correctly on Mobiles, Tablets
  • Social Media Integration – Integration of social media channels for easy content sharing
  • Content Marketing Features
  • Technical Support Features – Continuous support of client through their changing needs

Now each category of features above, is elaborated below, explaining the meaning, uses and benefits of the website features

Domain Name Features

A domain name is the most important asset a company can own, when setting up or rebuilding itself on the cloud and participating meaningfully in the digital economy. We help customers choose and register the best domain for their company or project, and help them properly configure DNS properties to servers for error free hosting. Nextel Systems is an ACCREDITED Registrar of top-level domains (TLDs) as well country code top-level domains (ccTLDS) for Uganda. which means that we can register them faster and at wholesale price range.

It takes less than 1 minute to register and activate our clients do,ma8in, and less than one (1) hour for our DNS propagation (name servers) to fully resolve globally, account to be active and corporate emails on your domain to be ready for use.

Getting returns from your website

Getting value from your website – real monetary returns from your website, is not an easy thing to achieve, for an average business. To begin with, a business needs to have some parameters to look at when measuring this value 

But as as professional provider, we deploy actual tools which help us in valuing a website; on sense of how much can it sell for, but in this case we’re referring to the value of whats on the website that you’re offering to the world and how much return do you get annually from it, by putting it across the internet using your website

How we view a website 

At Nextel Systems® Ltd, we look at a website in three angles – as a marketing/sales tools, as branding for an organisation, and finally as a business automation tool for a company or organisation. However the best websites are those that achieve all the three and fetch the most return to the website owner

A website is the main organisational asset that drives growth in the technological era – an era driven by the internet and the cloud – a global network infrastructure that provides vast storage and distributor tools for of information

Measurable growth from your website

The amount of effort required to make a website visible, usable and track-able are often overlooked, yet they are the key parameters to watch, to make the idea of measuring growth or value from a website, even  possible

After 10 years of developing websites (2010 – 2020), our biggest business has been to develop valuable websites and  website services that drive traffic, leads and conversion – from website visitor to a customer. This by using the content or original information produced by the company. The website is the one resource where all company’s information can be accessed, shared and referenced in other forms of media, branding and marketing tools

A Qualitative website design process

So we go about Website design, beginning with understanding our client, looking at the the company wholesomely – its past, present and future it needs. We then build it as if it were our company, choosing technologies, design tools carefully, to be able to deliver the vision and scale the website without breaking the momentum gained by the client in the previous phase

Website Design Phase

We treat website design we the due respect accorded to any software project. The outcome of our website planning phase is what refer to as a Website Structure – a summary of the key information and tools to be in the website. that the developers gain knowledge

Its a full Website Package deal

You can expect to get more than a good looking design of a website, because this is just the beginning of using the website in your marketing and growth strategy

  • Website Information structure capturing and presenting  the most important aspects of your business
  • Efficient Website Navigation and link building internally and externally
  • Commercial-grade Search Engine Optimisation with Keywords Research
  • Domain Registration, Renewal and efficient DNS Management
  • Website and Applications Hosting with extensible, unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Website Security with easy to install premium SSL Certificates
  • Optimisation of the website for interoperability with other systems
  • Optimisation of the website to render correctly on Mobiles, Tablets
  • Optimisation of the website content for easy Search Engines indexing
  • Integration of social media channels for easy content sharing
  • Continuous support of client through their changing needs

Website Support, Updates and Maintenance

Every website needs to be regularly updated in content, layout, and navigation menus to match the changing trends and needs. So our package-deal approach extends these extra services at no extra cost

We update the information as and when available, upgrade the underlying Content Management System (CMS) to the latest versions, update the custom functionality plugins and themes to the latest versions and check compatibility with browsers and security needs on the internet, and carry out any update requested by the client, without billing afresh, in the same package which covers all-year-round support

This page was last updated on April 06, 2020

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