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At Nextel Systems® Ltd, we look at a website as a marketing, sales, branding and business automation centre-piece for a company or organisation. The internet and the cloud infrastructure is the primary storage and distributor of information, and the website is the main asset that drives growth in the technological era

Measurable growth from your website

Our primary business is to develop valuable websites and related website services that drive traffic, leads and conversion client – from website visitor to a customer, using the content of the company. The website is the one resource where all company’s information can be accessed, shared and referenced in other forms of media, branding and marketing tools

A Qualitative website design process

So we go about Website design, beginning with understanding our client, looking at the the company wholesomely – its past, present and future it needs. We then build it as if it were our company, choosing technologies, design tools carefully, to be able to deliver the vision and scale the website without breaking the momentum gained by the client in the previous phase

Website Design Phase

We treat website design we the due respect accorded to any software project. The outcome of our website planning phase is what refer to as a Website Structure – a summary of the key information and tools to be in the website. that the developers gain knowledge

Its a full Website Package deal

You can expect to get more than a good looking design of a website, because this is just the beginning of using the website in your marketing and growth strategy

  • Website Information structure capturing and presenting  the most important aspects of your business
  • Efficient Website Navigation and link building internally and externally
  • Commercial-grade Search Engine Optimisation with Keywords Research
  • Domain Registration, Renewal and efficient DNS Management
  • Website and Applications Hosting with extensible, unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Website Security with easy to install premium SSL Certificates
  • Optimisation of the website for inter-operability with other systems
  • Optimisation of the website to render correctly on Mobiles, Tablets
  • Optimisation of the website content for easy Search Engines indexing
  • Integration of social media channels for easy content sharing
  • Continuous support of client through their changing needs

Website Support, Updates and Maintenance

Every website needs to be regularly updated in content, layout, and navigation menus to match the changing trends and needs. So our package-deal approach extends these extra services at no extra cost

We update the information as and when available, upgrade the underlying Content Management System (CMS) to the latest versions, update the custom functionality plugins and themes to the latest versions and check compatibility with browsers and security needs on the internet, and carry out any update requested by the client, without billing afresh, in the same package which covers all-year-round support

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