Point of Sale (POS) System upgraded at Fine Pharmacy, in Rushere, Kiruhura District

Fine Pharmacy recently upgraded their Point of Sale (POS) software system used at their Pharmacy shop in Rushere town, in Kuruhura District. They were running an old version of our Retail Point of Sale system, since 2016. We upgraded the software and migrated their data from the old system to the latest version of our Retail Point of Sale Software system.  The operation will brings more features, reports and business insight to the company. We  consider Fine Pharmacy as one one of our success stories in business process automation, because of their resilience and consistency in the application of information systems at the core of their business


About 4 years ago, we were approached by a Pharmaceutical Company called Fine Pharmacy, based in the town of Rushere, in the western district of Kiruhura. It runs a retail and wholesale business selling human medicines and drugs to people who have been prescribed the drugs in the neighboring Hospitals and clinics. 

Fine Pharmacy - Point of Sale supplied by Nextel Systems Ltd
Fine Pharmacy, the biggest Pharmacy for Human Medicines in Rushere and surrounding areas, Kiruhura District

We learned that the pharmacy has just changed hands (ownership) and the new management were keen to have clear business data as well as run the business efficiently

They wanted to implement a point of sale system through which conduct their retail and wholesale business – automatically deducting stock upon each sale, viewing profit margins for each item for any period, securing the system and data against workers’ interference, etc

The Problem

The Pharmacy management wanted to have a clear picture of business performance right from a day to day basis, and on to monthly, quarterly and yearly performance, and this meant accurately capturing data across operations like sales, inventory, purchases, workers and so on

Evaluation of the Old System that existed before Nextel Systems came on board

Our standard practice is to review the existing I.T setup and business process – the hardware, software, data, and process (from start of business activity to finish) went into drive.

The previous business owners had been running/using a custom designed application, typically designed in PHP/Html having a MySQL as the database, hosted on local host using WAMP server, and used through a browser. It was a poorly designed web application, which was being used as a point of sale. The PHP web ystem lacked usability, security, reliability, performance, maintainability and scalability. It certainly could not be classified a a Point of Sale system

The Solution

Our Software department addresses real business challenges and management interests, with relevant automation using easy to use software.

We replaced systems in a way that matches and customizes clients’ exact needs, and in this case our Retail Point of Sale software provided a much better solution for the business. Workers who have training in the medical field are the ones employed in the business, not I.T or business. So the software has to enable medical practitioners focus of what they do best – explain medicines and address to clients wide range of questions. They didn’t need to be dragged down by lengthy selling process or book keeping exercises for the business. Our retail Point of sale solution enabled them to find any item in stock at super fast speeds

A Sales Person selling over the counter, with a retail point of sale system. Counting every tablet is the key


Time to enter purchased / delivered items in the system


A Receipt is produced from the Thermal Receipt Printer upon closing of an order on the Retail Point of Sale system

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