Rolling out automated domain name registration with MTN Mobile Money & Airtel Money payments

Instantly register your domain name on our website, and pay online Mobile Money (MTN MoMo and Airtel Money supported) – Register your domain here

As part of our continued applications design to simplify business processes, we’re pleased to announce the completion and roll out of our fully automated domain name checking and registration process, which supports Mobile Money payments to complete the process directly online. We currently have MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money supported to complete the payment for instant domain name registration

The Issue

Registering top-level domain names like .com, .org, .net, .store and all top-level extensions has not been supported with Mobile Money payment method. International domain registrars accredited by ICANN do not support (read accept) Mobile Money form of payment. This means that everyday person in Uganda must go through intermediaries to register a domain name for their business or company. The amount of time taken to complete this, and the cost may go up because of this. And as a result, domain names registered most often are not owned by the real owner but by intermediaries, as domain accounts relating to a registered are not finally transferred to the real owner of the domain. So, lack of direct payment for domains with simple payment method, time to register and resolve, fluctuating cost of domains and lack of direct access and control of domains has been a frustration to many Ugandan businesses

Also, most providers of domain name registration services in Uganda do not properly implement Credit Card payments on their website, so you can’t do it yourself, hence making the process long & inept – not good user experiences

The Solution

We have designed, tested and deployed the “middle applications” connecting ICANN domain name registries for real-time checking and reservation, with traditional Mobile Money payment – it’s a fully automated and self-service process. Now you can check the availability of any top-level domain name of your interest, the system will return results whether it’s already taken or still available, and show the price next to the domain. If you do not specify the extension .e.g. .COM in the domain name search box on our website, the system will return your searched name with a list of 5 extensions you can choose from, an Order button next to each so you can click on and Register your domain. The next step after Order Button is clicked takes you to put in domain owner contact details and Mobile Money number to use for the payment. The format of inputting the Mobile Money number to be billed is 256776000000 or 256756000000. Our Website will then send a withdrawal request for the amount on the bill to your phone, requesting Mobile your Mobile Money account PIN to approve the transaction. Then the transaction will be complete and domain name instantly reserved

Our aim has always been to break down the monolith of technology for everyday use, and integrating the Mobile Money system commonly used in Ugandan personal transactions, for use in cloud based services like Domain Name registration fits within this objective. We’ll continuously upgrade this service.

The Opportunity

Are you that person that normally says “tell a friend to tell a friend” or “I know people who know people”? This time don’t. If someone wants to register a domain name, just load Mobile Money on your phone, visit our domain name search and registration portal and register it there and then – that will actually solve the problem. Who knows, you might even make money in this, for simply knowing what to do or where to do it faster

You can register any top-level domain directly on our website if you load enough mobile money on your phone (MTN or Airtel) to buy the domain according to its price – domain price is shown in the domain search results. Just visit our domain portal where you do an instant search for availability, and – the rest is history, as they say

Domain Name Prices

As of January 2019, there are 1543 domain name extensions that can be chosen and used in conjunction with your name. The prices differ for the different extensions. A .COM may not be the same price as a .CO or a .STORE, .FM, .BANK etc. However when you do a domain search for any domain name, our system will return its availability results together with the price in Uganda Shillings, just next to the name. We have put the prices of the top-10 most registered domain name extensions on this list, please check it out. Prices may change from time to time, so the prices you get back in the results will be our current price for the domain

Who can use this service?

Individuals who need to register a domain name, small businesses which want to do business as domain registrant, company representatives who want to book or manage company domain(s), project owners who wish to register project domains or sub-domains, developers, merchant who wish to get domains off the market and sell them later, and any other interested party intending to use cloud services

With live domain checking and direct Mobile money payment for domain, anyone can register their own domain in a few minutes and get it off the market. It is not easy to get the exact domain name you want today, as millions of domains names are globally snapped up and registered on a weekly basis

To enable Ugandans a chance, we wish to put this tool in their hands and pray to see Ugandan side hustles start as small as UGX 790,000/ and grow from there to sell in global markets. We’re proud to be a small part of that story

More info about domain names

A domain name is the first tool in the arsenal of a company getting online, and planning to use cloud based services or systems. In our experience as an I.T company, we believe a domain name is most important piece of technology a company can own today, given that the entire business of a company can be conducted on it. The domain name is like your shop to the world. It therefore requires careful thought to choose, you may be spending millions annually to make the world know it, and earning billions on it or because of it. It’s a very exciting start to a new venture and a big asset to an old one. We’re happy to make its acquisition simple.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler —Albert Einstein

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