We have solved the system architecture problem with a modular software development, delivery & maintenance framework to enable government own a secure Information Architecture (structural design of shared information environments) across Desktop, LAN, Online, Mobile environments.

Software modules for Government-to-Government, Government-to-Business, Government-to-Citizen can now be developed and delivered via the Nextel Government Framework. This Software Framework is engineered around open technologies;

  • Graphical User Interface Design
    • Java
    • JSP
  • Database Management Systems supported
    • Oracle
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL

The Desktop Database

Our Software Engineering department is fully engaged in Desktop Applications Design, using the below;

  • Java
  • SQL

We build desktop and client-server applications on contractual basis and as in-house products, on top of the NetBeans platform, making use of the framework for Swing applications.

We have the Nextel Enterprise Software Framework which provides a reliable and flexible application architecture – it is a well tested architecture for using, managing software modules meaningfully inside the enterprise, while also enabling sustainable development of software modules throughout the software life-cycle. Because the Nextel Enterprise framework architecture is modular, it’s easy to create robust and extensible applications.

The LAN (Local Area Network) Database 

Development of networked applications that run in your local area network, some times called Client-Server Applications. We plan, design and develop Distributed applications  which run concurrently (on multiple computing devices, within your network at the same time). Applications can store your data on servers locally within your network or on cloud-based servers.

This gives you access to your organisational information anytime anywhere and also information backup just in case local servers crash.

The Cloud Database

Nextel Systems provides the database infrastructure for the Government Framework, to serve online applications running online and on Mobile.We have fully Managed, Secure & Scalable cloud servers to provide long term data storage and processing with lower costs, ability to scale, and automated backups that can restore your database from any point in time.

The Web Application

Nextel provides the application to interface with your framework database account, so can focus on your operations on the go. The Cloud SQL enables perfect integration with framework applications.

The Mobile Application – Web

We provide the mobile optimized web application for the framework

The Mobile Application – Native

We provide the native mobile applications available in the framework, specifically designed to run on mobile operating system – Android, and iOS.