Our networks division offers an innovative Voice Over IP  (VoIP) solution for business and individual use.

Nextel Voice – An Enterprise Voice over IP (VoIP) solution

Do you have a reliable Internet connection? We can network this for your data & voice communications!

What is the Nextel Voice over IP (VoIP) Solution?

Its the newer technology from traditional phone system to an IP (Internet Protocol) enabled communication network for office, home, mobile – thus delivering voice communications through your existing internet connection, at a fraction of your phone bill.

Nextel Voice – Voice over IP (VoIP) Solution

Nextel offers a fully tested VoIP services in the Uganda, with the following service options;

  • PC to PC – a headset connected to your PC & a phone software installed on your PC, make calls locally & world
  • PC to GSM network – This is when only the caller uses a headset.
  • Traditional Phone to Traditional Phone network via VoIP – uses an adaptor on the telephone.
  • IP phone to telephone network – IP enabled phone to call all networks, local & world

VoIP Requirements – Whether used for Personal  or Business

  • Broadband Wi-Fi / Fibre optic internet (superfast internet connection)
  • VoIP Adapter (to make traditional phones work with VoIP)
  • VoIP Handsets
  • Softphone – phone software installed & configured on your business computers
  • IP-enabled mobile phones
  • A microphone or integrated headset
  • Headphones or speakers

Our Voice carrier, devices & partners

  • Vonage
  • Skype
  • OOMA
  • Cisco
  • Polycom

The Benefits of VoIP Concept – advantages

  • Moving your personal & business communications to VoIP means a better Voice over IP infrastructure
  • Migrating to Voice over IP replaces your traditional phone billing that discriminates across-networks
  • Reduce the cost of your local & long-distance calls by over 50% compared to traditional calls
  • One network manages both your voice communication & data communication, instead of two
  • Online conferencing with video conferencing, voice conferencing & other data collaboration
  • Easily to configure business phone system
  • Employees stay connected and reachable in multiple ways not possible traditional
  • Mobility surplus – use connection at home, at the office, or on the road

What is VoIP, exactly?

The term VoIP completes as Voice over IP (Internet Protocol), which is system of making your calls using your internet connection, rather than the traditional phone networks. It is estimated that by the year 2025, the traditional landline system will be completely obsolete, and replaced by VoIP.

VoIP is already the dominant communication system in many businesses across the world. The biggest challenge to successful implementation of VoIP in a business is the internet speed available. But with many Internet Service Providers now being able to provide blazing fast internet speeds, VoIP implementation becomes inevitable as the integral business communications system.

Functionalities / Features in Nextel Voice solution

Our typical VoIP installation comes with a number of functionality, which include:

  • Anonymous call block – Block out calls from numbers that are withheld
  • Caller ID – see who is calling before you pick up the phone
  • Call diversion – send incoming calls to other phone numbers
  • Call waiting – take an incoming call while you’re still busy with another phone call
  • Do not disturb – Have your calls instantly forwarded to your voicemail without ringing at your end
  • Emergency calls – call any emergency numbers for free, just by dialing the number
  • Ring back – continually call a busy line until you get through
  • Three-way calling – useful when you want to hold conference calls
  • Voicemail – a answering service on your phone that can be accessed via your email

These are just some of the features included in our VoIP solution

Bandwidth – How much bandwidth do you need for our VoIP solution?

Bandwidth is the amount of data your internet connection can send and receive in a certain period of time, measured in kilobytes per second.

Before we deploy voice-over-IP service in your office, we first address how much bandwidth you have and how it currently used. On top of that we look at the switches and routers, battery backup equipment used in your office. This is because Voice over IP needs a certain amount of minimum bandwidth in order to keep your conversations very clear and free of disruptions.  The key voice-over-IP requirements we consolidate are;

  • Bandwidth – determining your bandwidth needs for voice-over-IP in your office.
  • The Router – the performance of your router can upgrade or degrade your call quality
  • Quality of Service – power to separate voice traffic from regular internet users
  • VoIP Equipment – quality of VoIP phones, soft phones, headsets and telephone adapters used
  • Power Backup – Installing a battery backup system or a Power-over-Ethernet switch to keep VoIP powered

Calculating the bandwidth you will need

  • Full Quality Audio (G711 Codec)\- uses 87 kbps for each concurrent phone call (NEB)
  • Compressed Audio (G729 Codec)\- Uses 33 kbps for each concurrent phone call (NEB)

So the calculation for a typical DSL connection would be;

  • DSL connection:600 kbps upload / 5000 kbps download
  • Gives us (Full Quality):600 kbps / 87 kbps = 6 concurrent calls
  • Gives us (Compressed Quality):600 kbps / 33 kbps = 18 concurrent calls

Nextel integrates the best Internet Service Providers locally, and sources international bandwidth providers to provide leased line connections that facilitate high bandwidth needs of a modern voice communications setup. We perform the necessary due diligence end-to-end and design networks that guarantee a lossless VoIP experience.

VoIP Devices –  VoIP hone, Sound Station, IP Telephony Gateway


LANs (Local Area Networks)

The local network within your premises, connecting all computing devices; your Internet connection is the car, your LAN infrastructure is the road

WANs (Wide Area Networks)

Enable corporate sharing & communication with our WAN design, covering a large area.

Ethernet Switching

Setting up integrated routers, gateways and appliances to allow a company securely connect branches & remote sites

Network Access Controls

Security Solutions that help your policy decisions to enforce role-based access control to the network, office, information.

Wi-Fi Networks

A cost-effective and scalable solution enabling companies to deploy wireless coverage across; in-doors & outdoors

A hosted PBX infrastructure with a tested upward voice carrier helps route your call in-house and outside your organisation’s network using your internet connection, at a fraction of your phone bill.