We have integrated our software development division to develop a framework for all our software applications designs, delivered via;

  1. the Nextel Enterprise Framework,
  2. the Nextel Government Framework

You can now find the software applications (modules) for every business and have the ability to chose which modules you want to activate and use. All our previous system are ported into the framework and new applications are developed and improved every day;

Your idea can easily crystalise into a market-ready product or service, delivered via or facilitated by a software system – when it through our Software Product Development process.

Our Software Engineering division specialises in software product development – from concept to deployment and continuous upgrades. We analyse processes, design solutions, develop solutions, build, deploy and maintain high performance, scalable cross-platform software applications both as in-house software products, as or contractual software development projects.

The Division is established to design prototypes, write code, test code, operate, and maintain software (computer programs) products on the market. It follows agile process models to develop the software through its life-cycle.

Developing enterprise software for vertical (specialised) industries, and clients requires first understanding the processes in those fields, hence the application of a structured Software engineering process to arrive at the solution.

Typical tasks involve requirements elicitation, software specifications, prototype design, testing % validation, deployment, maintenance, product support.

Three kinds of software are produced in this division;

  • Stand-Alone Applications Design
  • Distributed or Networked software Design (Client-Server)
  • Online Analytical Database Applications Design

Our System are management via the Enterprise Framework, which customers use to install or unistall software applications as modules.

Software Products (Modules) available in the Enterprise Framework as of – April 2016

  1. Business Accounting ERP – Bizhub 2.1 (Desktop, Web)
  2. Foreign Exchange /Currency trading platform – Forextra 2.1
  3. Investment Portfolio Manager – Investoprenuer 1.0
  4. Farm Management system – Herds 1.1 (Desktop, Web)
  5. Invoice Manager 1.1 (Free, Desktop)

Our software engineering team is composed of programmers, interface designers and software engineers, business analysts and systems support engineers.

Our Applications target environments are;

  • web,
  • mobile,
  • desktop,
  • server,
  • cloud,
  • distributed
  • embedded systems

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