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About Restaurant POSA new generation of restaurant management software

What is Restaurant Point of Sale?

The Restaurant Point of Sale is a new generation of restaurant management software. It is a complete solution, beginning with taking orders from patrons, and ending with billing and tax reports. The user interface is carefully optimized for high speed input of a patron’s order and the prevention of common mistakes. It’s designed for using on multiple computers, and contains reliable and secure authorization levels

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Restaurant Point of Sale (POS) Software enables you to Manage your Restaurant and...
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BenefitsWhy choose this software


The layouts of the guest bill can be customized, and the program can be set up for any currencies, taxes, and gratuities. Payments can be accepted by cash, credit cards, or checks.

For those at the managerial level.

For managers, there is a rich set of reports that shows a complete picture of restaurant operations and life cycles: menu consumption, reservation frequency, hours of high restaurant load, busiest tables, most active employees, payment methods, and automatic tax calculations.

By standardizing the entire restaurant management process, the software radically improves serving speed.

Ease of use.

It’s easy to install and easy to use. Very affordable licensing allows this software to be used in any environment from small family-owned restaurants to large chains.

Hardware compatibility.

Serial and kitchen matrix printers, poles (line and graphic displays) and cash drawers are fully supported.

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Manage your Restaurant and Bar Business with Point of Sale -POS Software System

Core Features


Making bills and payments with ease, entering orders, automatic billing of totals and receipts, and inventory adjustments on closing the order.


The POS has security roles for controlling access to the software itself and modules or features within the POS. By creation of security roles, you can  separate duties of each worker or category of workers on the system


Inventory is entered in the system by entering a Receive Voucher, and from that point automatically updated upon Closing Sale Order.


Our professionals see what others don’t, challenge conventional thinking, and consistently deliver innovative solutions.


The system creates purchase order to request goods from a vendor, with agreed cost for each item. This is followed by a Receive Voucher to receive inventory delivered. You can also issue a Return Voucher


You can run more than 50 different sales reports, 20 different Inventory reports, 5 different Profit Margin reports, Items reports, Workers reports, Purchasing and Receiving reports, Journal reports for any period from the Retail POS system

Hardware and AccessoriesCompatible with any Hardware

Desktop ComputerA complete Desktop computer set


Our Restaurant Point of sale POS software is supported by all major hardware manufacturers: IBM, EPSON, SAMSUNG and Star Micronics and others.

Receipt PrinterThermal Receipt Printer 80x80 mm

Nextel Systems® POS Receipt Printer

Our software is optimized to work with Point of Sale (POS) printers from the major POS printer manufacturers.

Thermal Printer RollsThermal Receipt Printer Rolls.


These are the 80*80mm thermal printer rolls, used by the Receipt Printer for the printing of receipts when bills are payed. This particular pack comes with 12 pieces.

Optional POS AccessoriesDevices can be attached to your installed Retail POS but are optional

Cash DrawerCash Drawer / (Till) Management


Cash Drawer

With our Point of Sale (POS) software, you have a complete money management solution, keeping track of your business income, expenses and more.

Touch ScreenTouch Screen mode


Touch Screen

Our Point of Sale (POS) can be switched to a full Touch Screen mode, if Touchscreen Monitors are available.

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