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  • Introducing our Content Advertising service & Packages

    Introducing our Content Advertising service & Packages

    Content Advertising & Content Marketing Nextel Systems Ltd is pleased to officially announce a new service to our corporate clients – Content Advertising. This means creating excellent content about your business, with the express intention of promoting that content through popular online channels, with the help of paid advertising on those channels Even though we have already been executing content advertising […]

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  • Checklist to grow your business with an E-Commerce Website in Uganda

    E-Commerce Web Design

    In order to start a successful E-Commerce website, or expand your existing business by means of E-Commerce in Uganda, here is our considered checklist of things to know before starting. It ranges from Products – inventory, accounting, Website Management, and Customer Relations Responsibilities of Nextel Systems Ltd Nextel Systems provides the customer with the technology […]

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  • Experienced Web Developers wanted (WordPress)

    We are Hiring - Web Developer, WordPress

    Job Description Job Title: Web Developer, WordPress Positions: 2 (Two) Job Type: Full Time Division: Internet Systems Development (ISD) Reports To: Head, Internet Systems Development Work Location: Plot 52/75 Kironde Road, Muyenga, Kampala, Uganda Overview Founded in December 2010, Nextel Systems® is a Software Development & Web Design/Hosting company, based on Plot 52/75 Kironde Road, […]

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  • E-Commerce Case Study – Selonie Kids Centre

    TF Boys Motor Cycles [Motor Cycle New Model] 550,000

    How a large retailer for children’s play things overhauled & rebuilt their website on an E-COMMERCE business Model One of our customers who overhauled and rebuilt his old website on an E-commerce model, called us to his office and, to our surprised, after the meeting and putting down his requirements, he insisted that he buys our […]

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  • End-to-End Mobile Money Payments Integration in your Website

    End-to-End MTN Mobile Money & Airtel Money Payments Integration in your Website

    At Nextel Systems, we tailored, tested and deployed on multiple projects, a website package for companies that are focused on selling online, overcoming the huddles that existed before.  We have compressed all the nitty-gritty that go into building a website that actually completes transactions online, rather than the commonly used brick-and-motors implementation of e-commerce, where […]

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  • Uses of a Domain Name

    Uses of a Domain Name for personal or business

    A Domain Name is a powerful piece of technology! Here is what can you do with your registered domain name! Create professional company e-mail address(es), such as Build Website on it / for it, for example Forward it to an existing website or social media Business Page page, like this one Run a Web Application […]

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  • Integration of MTN Mobile Money & Airtel Money platforms into our E-COMMERCE Site package

    Nextel integrate MTN, Airtel Mobile Money platforms into E-COMMERCE Websites

    In late 2016 and early 2017, Nextel Systems Ltd finalized systems integration discussions and formally executed Systems Integration Agreements with 3 different companies; MTN Uganda Limited Airtel Uganda Limited Yo-Uganda Limited The different agreements are all inline with enabling technical mapping of the Mobile Money platforms developed by these companies, to Nextel’s website design frameworks, […]

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  • Does your website fit on a Mobile Device?

    Does your Website fit on a mobile device- Here are some Mobile Stats

    Does your company’s website work when used on a mobile device such as Smart Phone or Tablet? We did a Website User Research between the months of January 1, 2017 and August 15, 2017, to find out the behaviors of visitors of websites Ugandan company websites, specifically what device they were using when they visited the […]

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  • Graphic Designer (Hiring)

    Graphics Designer needed by Nextel Systems Ltd 2017

    Job Title: Graphic Designer Reports To: Business Development Manager Job Type: Full Time Division: Business Development Group (BDG) Positions: 1 Work Location: Namakula Close, Tank Hill Road, Muyenga, Kampala, Uganda Summary We’re looking for a highly skilled Graphics Designer to join our Business Development, working on a variety of   corporate branding & marketing products, […]

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  • Our E-COMMERCE Website Package

    E-COMMERCE Websites Design, Hosting, Security and Technical Support

    Introduction For a business or organisation to successfully implement E-Commerce (i.e. conduct business electronically, over the internet) into their business model, it needs a well planned, expertly designed, securely hosted, well monitored website with 24/7 technical support. The E-Commerce Website is the ultimate front end, store or shop-floor of the business. That’s why in I.T circles an […]

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  • Who are our customers?

    Startups, Small, Medium and large-sized organizations trust Nextel Systems® Ltd for its renowned expertise, flexibility, affordability and advanced website development and hosting capabilities. Nextel Systems® Ltd helps people, businesses and organisations that face these scenarios: Business owners wanting to start and maintain good websites CEOs who need to make sound online strategy Companies/Orgnisations that need a […]

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  • We’re hiring a Web Developer, WordPress [2017]

    Nextel-Systems-Ltd- Hiring Developer, WordPress 2017

    Nextel is looking for web developer specializing in WorPress-based websites, to join our our team in the Internet Systems Development (ISD) division. Job Title: Web Developer, WordPress Reports To: Head, Internet Systems Development Job Type: Full Time Division: Internet Systems Development (ISD) Positions: 2 Work Location: Namakula Close, Tank Hill Road, Muyenga, Kampala, Uganda Summary […]

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  • Launching a range of IP security surveillance network products

    8-WiFi-Cameras-KIT from Nextel Systems

    Nextel Systems, Division of Networks adds IP Security surveillance products, gadgets and networking solution to our portfolio. We are pleased to announce that effective January 2017, we’ve added a range of high-tech IP Security surveillance products and networking service; the surveillance equipment are used in building smarter, faster, mobile-ready and internet-ready security networks; these are now […]

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  • Our software project guidelines before design phase

    General software project guidelines before design Before designing any application, module or simply contributing code to an existing one, here are some general guiding principles for the developer to prepare well and understand our software project quality practices before design.  They give a perspective to what kind of software you will be developing; Understanding the […]

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  • Integrating Mobile Money Payment option firmly into your Website


    Convert Mobile Money users of all networks into your customers by embedding Mobile payment firmly into your website. To give your frequent customers a new lease of convenience, you can allowing them shop and pay for your goods securely from your website. We have built, tested & integrated the Mobile Money account for use to […]

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  • An in-depth introduction to building a working E-Commerce Website in Uganda

    Introduction to building a working E-Commerce Website in Uganda by Nextel

    What is E-Commerce in the first place? In simple terms, Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) is the practice in business today, of conducting the selling and buying of goods and services online using a website. It  involves transmitting the purchase funds over  electronic network, primarily the internet from the buyer account to the seller account. Websites which can allow payments online, also dispatch […]

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  • We’re Hiring for Software Developer, Java – 2 Positions

    NextelSoftwareEnginering-Software Developer, Java

    We are on the look out this month (October 2016), to hire two Software Developers in Java, based at our office on Namakula Close, Tank Hill Road, Muyenga. Below is the detailed Job Description. Note: Only serious Java developers experienced in using the Netbeans IDE & Netbeans Platform should apply. Job Title: Software Developer, Java Positions: 2 […]

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  • Nextel Participates in Innovation Forum


    Nextel Systems was invited to the #ICTInnovationsForum, held on August 30, 2016 at the Uganda Communications Commission, which aimed at discussing and forming the framework in which ICT innovators (software programmers and developers) in Uganda can interface with the Government of Uganda to make products that are upto standards. It was presided over by Uganda’s Minister of […]

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  • Dedicated Servers

    Speed, Reliability, Quality & Support At Nextel Systems, you’ll find high performance Dedicated Servers carefully designed to meet the needs of two different types of users – Developers or System Administrators,  Worry-Free customers. Whichever case, we provide you access to the user-friendly cPanel control and it includes around the clock support from our staff. Whether you want to fully manage Dedicated Machine yourself,  for our […]

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