Uses of a Domain Name

How organisations use their Domain Names.

A Domain Name is a powerful piece of technology! Here is what can you do with your registered domain name!

  • Create professional company e-mail address(es), such as
  • Build Website on it / for it, for example
  • Forward it to an existing website or social media Business Page page, like this one
  • Run a Web Application or Online Database Application on it. A business application can be deployed on your domain or sub-domain. At Nextel Systems, we have about a dozen applications that we use internally to manage everything from recruitment to accounts to taking online orders for all our services. All of these are run on domain names or sub-domains.
  • Serve Mobile Application with data. If you have or need a Mobile Application or applications, built on Android,  iOS, or any other platform,  chances are high that the Mobile App will either pull data out of or send data into your online database – where do you think this database will be running from and how will it be connected to? Your enterprise domain comes in handy to run such discreet databases, if you’re building applications with an integrated enterprise system in mind

Search for your perfect domain name here, and we’ll help you register it within a minute, and put it to work for you!

Register Domains

Connect your business to the global economy - it starts with a domain 1
Connect your business to the global economy - it starts with a domain 1
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