VIDEO: How to buy a domain name with your Mobile Money

Visit our website home page or domains page to start.

In-put or enter your domain name in the Search field and click the Search button, to check your domain availability. If you include an extension on the name, eg., the system will check and return an appropriate message.

If no specific domain extension is added on the name,  a list of popular domain name extensions will be returned showing whether taken or available. If available, proceed to Order the Domain

From the domain search and confirmation of your domain name availability, you click the Order button, which appears next to the domain name extension, in the domain search results list

This will take you to the Check Out page, where you can fill in your customer details and choose make payment with Mobile Money (MTN and Airtel are supported)

On the Checkout page, after filling in your customer details, look for payment section, in the bottom right section of the checkout page. You will find Mobile Money as the payment method.

In-put your Mobile Money phone number in the  field labeled Phone Number. This is your MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money number, the where you want to deduct the domain payment. Make sure that the format of entring the number is correct, like this 256776000444 

Click on Place Order

How to buy or register any domain name with Mobile MoneyThe video below demonstrates how to buy a domain with your MTN MoMo and Airtel Money on our website

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