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Get a full Website Package with a Domain

Get the full website package, which includes a domain name, Design, Hosting and all year round website updating, support & maintenance

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Buy and Register Domain Names in Uganda with MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money payments supported

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Access your Domain Names on our Domains Portal on Nextel Systems

Your Domain Account is a central portal where you’ll find the domain(s) you purchased and the tools to manage them, DNS, Registrar information and so on

Uganda Domains (.UG)Register a .UG, .CO.UG, .AC.UG
Register any Ugandan Domain Name extensions quickly with Nextel Systems™ Ltd

Here is a full List of Ugandan Domain Name extensions available you can register: .CO.UG, .AC.UG, .SC.UG, .GO.UG, .NE.UG, .OR.UG, .ORG.UG, .COM.UG, .MED.UG, .NGO.UG, .LAW.UG, .LTD.UG, .INC.UG

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